»Success is based on whether you are even trying and how much you are actually trying»(II)

»Success is based on whether you are even trying and how much you are actually trying»(II)

Ninth interview (II) for the project YoungHumansOfScience where I try to interview people related to this field and understand their stories in order to close the gap between society and science.

Adam:What attracted you to your actual path?

I started in engineering, but that was more because of a family decision. When I was small I would have maybe liked to go with cooking, since I was young I cooked and it was one of the things I enjoyed.

But they wanted me to go into engineering, so among all the different branches I chose the most general one, which was about industrial organization. 

With it I wanted to get a more general overview of the sector, and later I saw that I only liked to cook for those I loved so I wouldn’t enjoy it as a job now.

University is more similar to high school than you might have think at first, so it didn’t give me the change I was expecting. I also saw during my studies that the difference between those who obtain money and those who don’t, is based on whether you are even trying and how much you are actually trying.

So once I noticed that and due to many circumstances, I decided to start working in the real state sector.

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»By starting university and a job I also came to realize that life is harder than we imagine it before.»

Adam:How did you start in real state?

At that time RBNB was looking for someone who spoke languages, so I decided to apply and was chosen for the position. Since then, I have working in the company for almost  3 years and now I know that so long as you work well you can keep climbing positions.

Now I work with around 70 apartments and I am in charge of contacting clients, planning of the workers and I deal with any unexpected situations we might face.

I also learned that working with clients specially in the touristic sector can be quite taxing, specially because while in the buying/selling part of it they have to be more responsible due to the amounts, in the case of the touristic ones they are more relaxed.

As I worked I also learned that we each have different things we excel at, and we should find them and polish them to be able to make the most of our situation. In my case the skill that I had was being able to find the fastest way to do something and act on it. Even if it is not the most efficient sometimes you have to act.

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Adam:Which would you say are the most important skills that someone should develop?

How to assume responsibility, how to own what you do. Try to be a polymath, understand different things and how to excell in them. Have a clear plan, be able to shut up for 5 minutes, think and then plan you should learn how develop road maps and how to draw the limits.

Apart from those skills I think there are five lessons that could useful.

Your life is only yours. You are the only one that can save yourself when you have any kind of problem. The only support you will get from others is at most emotional, but you have to solve the problem.

You cant count on many people to help you when you need it. The ones who will be your major support is your faimily.

You shouldn’t base your happiness on the people who surround you. Learn to make the maximum of your interactions and don’t let your self-esteem depend on it. Don’t judge others before time, spend some time with them, try to understand them, how they speak, how much you speak and only once you have spent time together can you try to draw a conclusion.

Adam: Biggest struggle right now?

Right now it is the fact that I am moroccan. It is giving me quite a bit of trouble related to work, you need too much paperwork to be able to do it and you always have to carry it with you. This makes it harder to work and a hassle.

My advice for those just coming out of high school would be:

Everything is harder than you expect it, so don’t be in a hurry. Take 1 or 2 years to try to understand the world, travel and/or work because that way you will learn a lot more.

If I were in that situation again I would do it.

I would also recommend the book ‘How to win friends and influence people’ by Dale Carnegie, or a book called ‘Open in case of apocalypsis‘.

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