”It’s not about deciding, but rather to find the strength to do it”(I)

”It’s not about deciding, but rather to find the strength to do it”(I)

Eleventh interview part one for the project YoungHumansOfScience where I try to interview people related to this field and understand their stories in order to close the gap between society and science.

Adam: How did you end up in this path?

I lost interest in science around high school the lectures of the teachers were bland and ended up making me lose interest in the field. At the same time, every afternoon I watched new about politics and debates and since I saw that they were intersting I decided to go into political sciences.

Adam: Were you interested in politics since the start?

I think it all started when the Podemos movement lead by Pablo Iglesias happened. At that time my father watched the debates and as time went on I started developing an interest in it little by little.

I liked how there were so many points of views about the same thing, and how it didn’t matter what they wanted to say, once you had identified which one of the politicians you liked the most, you were on their side no matter what they said.

Maybe even if you switched what they said, you would still follow the one you like no matter what they say.

Photo by Evangeline Shaw on Unsplash

Adam: What pushed you to follow this path?

For sure it wasn’t the job market because I still don’t know much about it. It was more out of pure interest, I just wanted to know more about it to study it and understand it. I saw the different subjects and what they taught and I just decided on this one. Although I have to say that my second and third options were quite different (movie making and biology).

Adam: How has you rpoint of view changed?

I didn’t change because of the bachelor itself, it was more because of all that came with living in a different place. What I learned during these years is that there are a lot, really a lot of paths you can take.

Before I saw that there was only one path when I finished this bachelor but now I know that you could go do another bachelor or to trade school, you always have time for other things if you like them.

Adam: What is your biggest struggle right now?

I have a lot of trouble getting started with things. I may be interested in something but then I leave it for later and never end up doing it, or I might start it and then leave it once I see that it is hard.

I think that I should improve on my perseverance, for now, I can only do it for those things I really love but I fear that I will have to do things I don’t like during my life and I have to work on it.

I saw that telling others what I am going to do will help me do it, like it forces you to actually do what you tell them. For example, the other day I really didn’t want to go running but I knew I should so I told a few people and just with that they tell you that you should do it and in the end you actually go for it.

It might not be the best method but for now it works for me. It kinda uses the shame that could come if you don’t achieve it.

Adam:Do you try to do it with everything?

No only with certain things. I haven’t done it much for studying for example, or I also tried to play the guitar and I didn’t tell anybody and two days later I stopped. For now I only do it for things that I actually want to do. I don’t know why I don’t do it with more things, maybe not to bother the others, but I don’t really know.

I could try to do it for everything but it depends on how much effort I would have to put into everything to achieve it.

Adam: What made you learn how to do this trick of telling others?

I got this trick from a man who left his work to travel around South America and later travel the world while working as a clown. He said that one of the hardest things for him was to start, and by telling others he forced himself. He told them this day I will leave and told others and that day he just left.

You just have to chose a time and as you plan it your mind will start planning how to do it. He says that the trick is choosing a time. I ask other people, but in truth I already know the answer so they just help me start.

Its not about deciding, but rather to find the strength to do it.

Photo by Danka & Peter on Unsplash

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