I was still lost and when that happens you have a hard time working hard towards something, you can’t focus (II)

I was still lost and when that happens you have a hard time working hard towards something, you can’t focus (II)

Tenth interview (II) for the project YoungHumansOfScience where I try to interview people related to this field and understand their stories in order to close the gap between society and science.

Adam:Why did you chose this path?

Since High school I was about average but my father always wanted me to follow the path of engineering and so I chose the branch of sciences. I think this happened because I still wasn’t sure of what I wanted, I was still lost and when that happens you have a hard time working hard towards something, you can’t focus.

While trying to search for what I wanted I tried different paths, at some point I wanted to follow medicine and I considered going to a country where access was easier to do it, the next month they told me architecture sounds nice and I considered that choice too.

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In the end but then I ended up failing the exams of access to university and had to retake them later that year, and that was when a friend of mine told me about engineering on industrial organization, since it fit with what they wanted and I was still searching I decided to go with it.

Actually it was quite a random happening, it just ended up happening, and now after finishing this bachelor I’m grateful because while it is more general than other branches. It doesn’t show you a particular path in the case of other engineering branches they show you a craft, it still showed me that I can accomplish it with effort.

Although the fact that it is so general also means that you aren’t sure of where you will go after you finish, I have friends working logistics, others working  in quality departments, but I am still really glad of showing that I can finish this path.

The problem I am facing now is that it is quite hard to get a job when you are an immigrant. They offered me quite a few positions from big corporations, but they were always as an intern and it was quite hard to get a stable job. So I decided to do a master in management.

It is kind of an equivalent to an MBA but for young people who want to go for positions that entail responsibility, for example, my brother did one and is already going to work in France.

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Adam:How did you chose a master in management?

After doing the bachelor I saw that to me engineering was only a way to test and train myself. Maybe it was also because of the place where I did it, because sometimes one teacher gave us more than one lecture and here they also gave too much focus on working for others.

Friends of mine in other countries had something quite different, they had teachers who told them that the final path of an engineer is entrepreneurship and I found that really motivating. I wanted that energy that came with wanting to make a change and I thought that management could give me exactly that.

I applied to various places, one of them France which was my first option, but for reasons I couldn’t go and now I have a chance to go do it in Berlin at a school that will give me a lot of contacts with different companies. I am really looking forward to this master because I think it will give me a chance to change airs and I am sure Germany will give me a breath of life.

Adam:Which lessons did you learn?

The importance of being surrounded with people with energy and positive. Just being with them will help giving you a lot of energy and jus that will help you do a lot more stuff, be more active. So now I try to move and get to know people, for example this month I joined to go for an event where I am sure I will get to know a lot more people who want to thrive.

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Adam:What would you like to do after the master?

I would like to work in consulting, for now I would like to try it and get an idea of how consulting works, to see if I like it and for that I have to step it up. I will try to get a position for internships in big companies to improve and with it I will try to get a position in consulting.

Berlin is quite interesting but I am not really convinced it is what I want. They have a really thriving start up ecosystem, but it is not what I want now, so I would like to go to Frankfurt or Munich and I plan to stay there for some time. Once I learn enough I want to go back to my country and try to improve it, I want to be part of the change that will come and help it grow. Gotta make it before the bubble.

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I like how it is in a really good position geographically, and it has been growing a lot in the last years. And the field of digital transformation, has been growing too and I want to work on it. I want to see how they use all the data they obtain and how to be able to make the change and improvement based on this data.

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