»I didn’t switch from research to start up, I just wanted to do research that is being done in Europe and take it to India»

»I didn’t switch from research to start up, I just wanted to do research that is being done in Europe and take it to India»

Eighth interview (II) for the project YoungHumansOfScience where I try to interview people related to this field and understand their stories in order to close the gap between society and science.

Adam: What made you follow this path?

It was a random choice actually. I was always interested in what happens in the world, and I wanted to understand it.

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Adam: Was there something that made you follow your actual path?

In India good students always go to science. I was better than average, my parents also decided on this direction and I was interested. After high school I wanted to follow the path of a doctor, but biotech was growing and I wanted to learn how things work so after trying for 1 year I decided to go for a path that had more molecular stuff.

Once on this path I always thought I would become a researcher. But after finishing I was confused, people said go for industry, while others said go for a master’s. I decided to stick with a master’s degree and chose a master in biotech, the first year was in India. We studied human genetics and molecular biology. I found it quite interesting and by the end of that year I was selected to go for an exchange program and so I went into biohealth computing.

After that, well things happen and I never thought I would go for a start up, but it just came from thinking

‘Why not try something that would benefit society and me?’

Right now I am travelling around India presenting my idea to different universities, hospitals cosmetic and drug companies, as well as research centres. I am looking for people interested in working in this project and I have a meeting on Sunday with my university at Bangalore to start building the team.

Adam: How was the experience of going to France for the master’s?

I had a small problem at first, a lot of the French people only speak French. At the beginning I couldn’t understand them but now I can even speak French. It also helped me a lot, because this is the year where I had the chance to learn about start ups and how they work.

Another thing that was different was that research is different in India than it is in France. I found the system in France more motivating, they list to your ideas and opinions and try to incorporate them and above all, they are always willing to help you. In India it was a little bit different, the professors were authorities and you had to follow their ideas, they also help you a lot but it is harder to have them incorporate your ideas.

France gave me a chance to see that my ideas could work and the confidence to share them. It gave me confidence that I could create what I working on now, 3D Darma and the pitch is 3D Darma, Skin for the Future.

Adam: I remember that when I met you in July you were more interested in a PhD, what changed in this month?

I didn’t get a PhD in France unfortunately so I will use this chance to work in my project, and I can always go for a PhD after this.

Adam: How did you decide to make the switch from research to a start up?

I didn’t switch from research to start up, I just wanted to do research that is being done in Europe and take it to India.

During the master I was chosen for a scholarship that let 5 students from the master in Molecular Biology go to a partner university in Europe. Once in  France I worked as market analyst for a start up that worked with 3D bioprintinG.

As I was studying it, I saw that the market for bioprinting in India was still small, and the market value of this idea could be way higher in India. With it I could  help in giving it the market development it needs right now, so I decided to give it a try.

Photo by Arif Wahid on Unsplash

Adam:How are you finding the process of creating a start up?

Right now I am still trying to see how to work on it, for now I am having the help of my friends to get in contact with people who might be interested. I am also using linkedin to speak with anyone who might seem like they could be interested in the project.

I contacted the university and research centres because this project need infrastructure in order to be developed and if I get the infrastructure it will be easier to get funding for it. And luckily I spoke with some hospitals and they were interested in funding the project.

Adam:What would you say is your biggest struggle right now?

Not being paid. I am using the money I saved from working in France to finance this project. That is my biggest problem right now, also finding people to speak with. I am mainly using linkedin and the help from my friends. For linkedin I just open up and tell them that I am the CEO of the company and ask if they are interested in the product.

Adam:Which advice would you give to someone who is just finishing high school?

Look for the thing you like the most, because if you try with things you don’t enjoy you won’t perform and you will feel miserable.

When you see that a subject is tough and you want to give up don’t, stick to the path you want to follow even if it is hard. Don’t change your path just because of a few subjects.

Adam:Was there any time when you couldn’t follow your advice?

There were many times when I wanted to change or leave what I was doing because it was too hard. It was so much studying that you sometimes felt fuck this shit, I’ll quit and then you think, wait don’t be too hasty, you are doing it for the future.

Adam:What made you stick even when it was hard?

There was the pressure of parents, but above all its because:

»When I start something I want to go all the way to the finish line»

Photo by Goh Rhy Yan on Unsplash

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