A project to help bridge the gap between people through stories.

Thank you for opening the link from the page of Medium Dreamers, here I will give a small summary of the project. If you want to know more about the idea behind it, here is the original post.


I started this project in order to give young students who are struggling on which path to chose a chance to ”listen” to the conversations with others.

To give them a chance to see the paths we are choosing and how we are facing them.

With it, I want to help in giving them a way to surpass the first challenge, and see that they aren’t alone.

With this project, I hope to give them a small push in the direction of trying to understand themselves and what they want to achieve.

In the interviews, I will speak with others ranging from college students to working professionals from different fields, all to try to understand their path.

How they decided their path, and what are the challenges they found when following these paths, as well as the lessons they learned.

Here are the first two interviews of the series. First interview and Second interview.

I will be publishing one interview a week as I learn and get better at interviewing. Any comments on things I could improve or questions you would like to add are more than welcome.