This is a project where I will try to show the different points of
view of people working, that have worked in different fields.

I want to show how the paths of different lives relate to this way of
thinking and this field of personal development and the different
reasons that can take someone into one path or another.

I think that one of the biggest problems we have nowadays is that
there is some kind of divide or barrier between people, at first I thought that everybody had it figured out, and only through speaking with more and more people did I notice that this wasn’t the case. So with this I want to help others take a glipse into the path that other people followed and hope that it could help them.

My objective with this project is to help bridge the distance between
people by portraying the lives and paths of different people and to show with it that we are all human and we all struggle with the same questions.

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First Interview

Second Interview

Third Interview: (I), (II), (III)

Fourth Interview

Fifth Interview

Sixth Interview

Seventh Interview

Eighth Interview: (I), (II)

Ninth Interview: (I), (II)

Tenth Interview: (I), (II), (III)

Eleventh Interview: (I), (II), (III), (IV)

Interview Landon McKenna (Qmenta)

Gallery from the Interviews​