Science is the tool that has let us change the world (V)

Science is the tool that has let us change the world (V)

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Advice for someone who just finished highschool?

They should study the thing they are most interested in, but they don’t have any reason to be too stressed about it, because after the bachelor you can still get into other paths.

The positions are quite similar even if you have different bachelors, so, so long as you know that you want to work with science, or law or economy, even if you choose different bachelors within science you will still be able to apply to positions that aren’t exactly related to your bachelor.

Don’t worry too much about which path so long as you know you are interested in science any bachelor related to it will work for you.

Many times what you are interested in right now might not be what you are interested in the future, and you can actually still change your path.

You have a lot of years left, and it’s never too late.

Any advice for those who finished the bachelor?

You don’t really have to do a bachelor no matter what, you can try to work for 1 year to see how it is and only then chose a master. You don’t really have to do a master just after finishing a bachelor no matter what. It’s not wrong to go for a master, and I did it, but it’s not mandatory either. You should speak with people who have done other masters, because that is the only way to really know how they are, because any master’s webpage will try to sell it so you can’t completely believe them.

Is there any book, movie or series that changed you?

Not really, most of the books I read were novels. Well there was a book I really liked, The invisible Frontier.

It was a book where the best climber spoke about his struggles as he found that with 22years he had already won all the prizes he could get. He speaks about how he recovered motivation after losing it, and how to enjoy the moment, to enjoy all the time to prepare and not only the win, because if you only enjoy the win if you lose you will be left only with frustration.

You have to enjoy and learn from the whole process, if you are studying a bachelor and you don’t enjoy it, you will be suffering for 4 years for something that you might not enjoy, so learn to enjoy the moment. Once you achieve the objectives you had you should always try to find new ones to get out of your comfort zone

Killian Jorn

He runs ultramarathons

He also lost his friend, they were at a 1 meter distance the one from the other and suddenly there was a hole which took his friend. He started wondering about why it was his friend that died and not him, which was the difference and why it happened, about how to understand and accept that struggle.

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