Science is the tool that has let us change the world (IV)

Science is the tool that has let us change the world (IV)

Where would you like to end?

Once I finish the master I might be able to tell you better, but for now the position I am interested in is one related to pharmacoeconomy, because I enjoy economics and see the impact of the new drugs on the health of the patient as well as on the healthcare system.

The resources are limited and we have to find the way to help the highest number of people with the resources we have. These studies try different drugs and see which one would be better for the economy, and for the health of the patients. The objective is to optimize the use of resources.

If for example you want to get out a new drug, if there is already one in the market that does the same but the one you produced is a little bit more expensive but it has a higher benefit, like people have to be admitted to the hospital less or others, then you have to see if that extra price will actually benefit you in the long run.

Because even if the healthcare system seems like it can take anything, the resources are finite and we have to make the most of them. I am interested in pharmacoeconomy, I read about it, but I still haven’t worked on it.

For now I like this, but if in three months I find another position that I am more interested in I might change views because I am quite adaptable and from any position I can something that I really enjoy. Especially now that we have just entered the job market, we can’t be that choosy and we have to get the positions that we have a chance to get, and among them the ones we like.

Which is your challenge at the personal level?

How to make the most of my free time, because now is when you can do the most. To meet with more friends or learn new things, to make the most of that time. Because there are times where I come from work and I don’t feel like doing something that I was interested in, and I want to be able to face those moments and make the most of them by doing what I am interested in doing before I lose my will.

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