Science is the tool that has let us change the world (II)

Science is the tool that has let us change the world (II)

How was the experience of the bachelor?

During the bachelor they only give you information about careers in science, and it was only during my last year of bachelor that I had a subject where they told me about the business side. While you are inside you don’t see all the possibilities and it is only once you are out that you start seeing all the options.

I tried research and I saw that it wasn’t for me and so I started to look into Pharma industry and I liked how it had enough positions, and a high salary and it is one of the few industries that will continue to grow no matter the situation because health will always be our priority.

Now I am working in monitoring of clinical trials.

Rather than say that I wanted to work on this since I was young, it was more something that I started discovering as I was building my path. Of course it depends on the opportunities you get and how you use them. My master’s degree was to go for industry and work in a company, but I ended up working in a hospital because they had a position open, and now I am working  there and I enjoy it.

What I am doing now is still related to science but instead of bench-work now I am working more on the management aspect.

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