Science is the tool that has let us change the world (I)

Science is the tool that has let us change the world (I)

How did you end in the field you are working in?

It kind of just happened. When you chose the bachelor at 18 you have no idea, you kind of hear what others who are older said but you don’t really understand what it means and they try to sell all the bachelors, specially the scientific ones, they idealize them too much. So between that, not knowing,  and that I enjoyed sciences during high school, made me decide  to do biotechnology.

I enjoyed the bachelor, although I might not choose this one if I had the chance to choose again. And the good thing about biotechnology is that you can go to different fields with the same degree. But to get to where I am right now

What was it that you liked about science?

You saw that it had a base, that you could prove it, it does have suppositions but when you start  they tell you that the scientific method is solid and all the different steps it needs for it. With science you can  also make big changes the discoveries that are being made in all the different fields are constantly changing our world.

When I was small I was always interested in how this was more practical, I found it as a better tool to change the world and improve it than arts and humanities or economy.

Science is the tool that has let us change the world

But then you also notice that it isn’t as foolproof or as exact as they tell you. But it is still really practical.

I see that you have a focus on changing the world?

Well changing the world is something that only top researchers can achieve, but we can also make smaller changes that affect our surroundings, and how we increase knowledge with basic science that builds up.

Was there a discovery that moved you towards this path?

Not really, I just saw that sciences, physics, maths medicine, robotics were the parts that were actually inducing a change. I also liked the image of scientists that they portrayed in movies. How they were always working and how they were happy and fulfilled as they made their discoveries.

But then you see that you can work a lot and in the end see that you get nothing or that you can get the opposite result depending on the time, with that you learn that science is something that you should do when you have a passion for it, because it’s really hard and you won’t manage if you don’t have passion.

Science wasn’t the way I expected it to be, people are too focused on publishing, and they is too much competition around publishing to get funding. The focus goes way more towards:

Well we managed to do this so we can publish and get more funding, and maybe what they are publishing actually makes no sense or it has no practical use.

When I noticed this I decided to leave research, because I saw that it wasn’t my passion and to investigate and not enjoy it because they almost don’t pay you, it’s really hard, you don’t know if you will get something, all this makes it so didn’t want to pursue that path, it wasn’t worth it to be burned out because of that.

My experience in research showed me that many times they try to sell you things as if they were way better than they really are.

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