»I decided to switch to physics»

»I decided to switch to physics»

Second interview for the project YoungHumansOfScience where I try to interview people related to this field and understand their stories in order to close the gap between society and science.

»I was always interested in space. I have a sister older than me and she followed the path of engineering which made me want to follow this path. Three months before going to university, when I was in an open day event at a university, I think.»

That tour showed me that there were a lot of things that I wasn’t interested  and yet I still had to do in order to follow that path. That same week was also when they observed gravitational waves for the first time and I changed my mind. I decided to switch to physics.

I took the path of physics and as I followed that path I saw that I wasn’t as interested as I though in astrophysics, there were too many things you couldn’t prove or check too many things that were too hard to check.

I saw that I was more interested in numbers and that there were many things I was more interested in than astrophysics such as relativity. While there were still things that I found interesting in astrophysics such as stellar models I still found that there that there were many more interesting phenomena in other fields.

Now I decided to try the field of photonics and one month ago I started my first internship at a photonics lab to try this field. I like the fact that it is more practical and that you can check what you think with experiments that you can do in front of you.

Interviewer: Have you decided what you want to do, or which path you want to follow?

I am still not sure about the path I want to follow, but I know I don’t want to be a school teacher.  I know I can  explain or discuss topics with my classmates but I can’t see myself giving lectures. I don’t know if I want to follow the path of research, I think I am more interested in data analysis but I am still trying to figure out what I want to do.

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