Being about to die in a country where you don’t have anybody to rely on helps put things in perspective

Being about to die in a country where you don’t have anybody to rely on helps put things in perspective

What made you follow this path?

The desire to live. Desire to travel, to try different things, I thought that going with the path of bachelor, master, PhD was missing my youth or at least not making the most of it. This is the best time of our lives so I wanted to make the most of it.

How did you develop this point of view?

I am sure it had to do with how I grew, but I can’t really pinpoint any specific moment that took me in this direction. But maybe it has to do with the fact that as I grew up I lived in many different places. I was born in Cuba, then I went to Colombia, 1 year in The Dominican Republic, then in Aruba and in my last year of high school we moved to Barcelona.

How was it to live in so many different places?

At the time you don’t really notice, especially when  you are so young, the one I noticed the most was when we went from Aruba to Barcelona because I was old enough to understand it and well, it as hard as any migration, there is the difference in cultures, also the age because I was a teenager but yeah.

But it was good because it helps in opening your mind, you learn that  can get along with different kinds of people and that its easy. It also opens your mind to other possibilities, because  many people I have spoken with have the same outlook of bachelor, master, job, find a partner get a house and that’s it, so maybe travelling showed me that there are other options.

It also teaches you how be more autonomous how to be able to cut ties and continue. This could be good or bad depending on the situation because you have a harder time creating deeper connection with people.

How did you chose the bachelor?

I wanted to do psychology, but when I saw that I could choose any bachelor I wanted, I decided to go with the one that gave me the most options. I chose biotechnology because it had the most paths after finishing it. And this is also the reason why I chose bioinformatics for my master’s, as it gave me the widest range of options.

It was a good choice because now I know that the one I like the most is research, it is the most interesting one although I still haven’t decided for sure.

I will finish taking my decision after the master.

What has the bachelor, or university in general taught you?

During the bachelor I didn’t have too much of a university life, I didn’t really go much to class or relate as much with classmates apart from my friends, so while I have learned a lot these years I wouldn’t say it was because of university.

Maybe I learned more from my jobs, where I learned about work ethics and hard work. Since my second year of bachelor I started giving private lessons at an academy. This was also the reason that I was able to travel as much during my Erasmus.

How was the Erasmus experience?

I went to Thessaloniki Greece. I chose it because I enjoy the Mediterranean culture and as I was considering options I wanted to go for one that was different and as I met a girl who was in Barcelona for Erasmus.

I went for a Erasmus studies. The experience was great and it was special for me because there I had the chance to dance. I discovered that I love dancing, that it fills me that it has a social aspect that it helps you relax.

This trip taught me what I enjoy once again, the openness that people have. To be able to speak with anyone you want, the warmth of the people. This trip gave me the chance to rediscover it and at the same time it was one of the hardest experiences because I ended up really ill.

Being about to die in a country where you don’t have anybody to rely on helps put things in perspective. It lets you feel grateful for what you have, it gave me the chance to pursue and understand spirituality and get closer to God.

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