Being about to die in a country where you don’t have anybody to rely on helps put things in perspective (IV)

Being about to die in a country where you don’t have anybody to rely on helps put things in perspective (IV)

Advice for someone who just finished the high school?

Listen to your parents. Because at that time you think you know everything and you are really reluctant to listen to your parents, you might listen to others but not them. You should really listen to them or at least consider what they are saying.

Try to choose the choice that has the broadest option range and try to mature as fast as you can, because you have to be practical.

Were there situations where you didn’t follow your own advice?

It’s hard, because if I did what they told me I might not be who I am today. They told me to study medicine, and I could have enjoyed being a surgeon I find it a beautiful job, but if I did I might not have been who I am today, I might not have the perspective I have.

How did you start dancing?

There was an old school they occupied and this school had a bar inside and I fell in love with that place. I remember that I found it as I was searching for a house, I got in contact with someone and they told me about this place because they played there and they had really good music.

They taught different dances such as tango and swing and I was always interested in them but I hadn’t tried and this was my chance to try it.

You have to enjoy the music, you have to listen to the music find the patterns and once you find them you see that you can use music and dance to express yourself. If you like the music you will enjoy it.

Was there any book, movie or series that changed you?

I’m not too into books.

Silvio Rodriguez, there was a sentece I heard while I was working one day at the lab

Watching go round and round.

Is there any experience that you would recommend?

Living abroad. You should live there not only for a year while thinking that you are going to go back because you will be constantly thinking of going back and you wont go full into it.

Which mentality would you recommend then? To go to a place where you don’t know the culture and to try to get immersed into it. You can try one that is not too far and really try to understand how the people are different because if you go somewhere too different in a short time it will be really hard to pass from a tourist to someone of there.

I want to visit Uruguay, it is the place where tango was born. It was born around rio de la plata and they told me that uruguay is a safe country where you can go out even late at night

What is keeping you from travelling?

I don’t want to go there only for holidays, and its hard to find a way to make it useful for the curriculum, I am having a hard time finding a reason to go apart form a personal one.

I had a chance to go, they have exams for a lot of different positions and they had one for assistant of bioinformatics and I really wanted to apply for it, but I had to go there to actually do the exam.

My roommate at Turin told me something that changed me.  In the end you fall in love with moments of your life. Not places not people, and not destiny but rather those moments that make them.

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