Being about to die in a country where you don’t have anybody to rely on helps put things in perspective (III)

Being about to die in a country where you don’t have anybody to rely on helps put things in perspective (III)

How was the second Erasmus experience?

As I was recovering I managed to get better before what was expected, 2 months before and as I was about to get stuck without doing anything for half a year because of what we had planned, I decided to go for another Erasmus, this time to Turin. Well, actually I would have done it either way since we get 12 months of Erasmus and I only used 4 on Greece.

Erasmus for work  isn’t the same as the one for studies and I didn’t enjoy Turin as much. I liked the people but I didn’t enjoy it as much, the lifestyle had no night life, there was no culture of going for drinks.

Here you go and you have to work every day at the lab, but during Erasmus studied you don’t have to do as much, the teachers even told me that I didn’t have to go to classes because they were in Greek and they would send me material for me to work on.

And whenever I went to speak with them about doubts I have, they started asking me about how life was in Cuba or how was life at Barcelona, they invited me to coffee, but of course the Erasmus depends on where you go.

Which kind of Erasmus would you recommend?

Both, it depend on how you do it of course. I tried not to be with people who were on Erasmus and rather to use the chance to meet people who lived there. And that way you can do university life. With Erasmus practice you get closer to the real life of the place.

You would learn more about the lifestyle of the place

Your Erasmus will be the way you want it to be.

The second Erasmus also gave me the chance to learn Italian. It was also really good academically and it taught me a lot.

The experience in research gave me a lot. I learned many things and why I shouldn’t do them. I was really competitive, really worried constantly and in the end that only showed my insecurities in myself and my capacities, I learned how to cut down on what I expected of myself and be more realistic, I learned how to be more a droite and how to deal with people.

I learned way more about soft skills than I did about lab work itself.

What is your biggest struggle right now?

I don’t really want to start a job. I want to lengthen the master and the PhD as much as I can because I get closer to the time where I have to go with working 8h shifts, and I think, wouldn’t I be happier working as a teacher at the English academy.

What makes you hesitate?

Economic security is really important even if you don’t have much you need a cushion. I really enjoy English lectures but it’s like there is a barrier, like you can’t really go only with this, and if I go full with the English lessons, it will be too late to go with other options later, whilst it isn’t the case if I do the opposite and start with the others and later switch to English.

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