Understanding Marketing as a Scientist

Understanding Marketing as a Scientist


Trying to understand marketing as a scientist

(Still the most important is content).

I believe that one of the biggest problems with science nowadays is the lack of marketing.

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Is this marketing?

Marketing has a really bad reputation in the field of STEM, but one of the biggest reasons for this is that it is misunderstood. Marketing doesn’t mean spouting bullshit and embellishing a product so that people buy it.

Marketing is more than that. It is a way to show what you are doing to let the world know what you are doing and how it can help them or entertain them.

The not so new marketing:

Marketing implies trying to understand what the your ”customer” wants, what are their needs, what are  their pains, and which are the questions that they want answered.

When I say that science lacks marketing what I mean is that while there are certainly incredible resources sharing science such as InaNutshell or SciShow.

Resources that are helping by sharing science in easy to understand and entertaining ways. The rest of us have been too negligent in sharing what we are doing and what we are achieving.

I still believe it is an incredibly good idea, how we always wait until we are quite sure of something before sharing.

Because it is the way in which scientists have been able to maintain the trust they have until know and even increase it.

Yet there are so many things that we know and that could be incredibly interesting for the public and we aren’t sharing them or at least not as much as we could.

We always end up hearing the same topics again and again. Yet there are actually a plethora of issues and knowledge we could share to make science more approachable.

It is only when we take this into account that we can close the gap between science and society.

Marketing and Science

I believe that marketing in science would help in closing this gap. Because to use content marketing you have to understand the other party.

You need to know the way in which others communicate. Only then can you adapt the information you have to the way they enjoy or consider useful.

I believe that it is part of our job to help other understand the importance of what we are doing, as part of our duty to help society.

In the end the gap between science and society can only be breached by our efforts and by trying to show that science is more than just what we think now, but that it is rather a form of culture, something that we can enjoy and that can entertain us.

Photo by Merakist on Unsplash

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