Temporal landmarks

Temporal landmarks

Why new year’s resolutions are more important than we ever thought

Since young, we have all known that whenever New Year comes or whenever we get holidays we always start thinking about what we want to do, and which new activities we will try to enjoy it more.

But while we always saw this in movies, I never thought that it would actually have that big of an effect but, actually research shows that these times of the year are way more important than we thought.

To show this some researchers studied the number of google searches for the term diet and they saw that the searches soared on the first day of the new year, but not only then, but also with the start of every month and the start of every week.

This showed that whenever we think of some period as the start of something we give it huge importance, and we can use it as a trigger for the change we want. And it wasn’t only google searches, but also actions, because the number of people going to the gym always spiked on the first days, be it the first of the year, the first of the month or the first of the week.

This is because we move with feeling way more than we want to admit, because we are human. Many times just noticing that a day is the first day of the week can make that day into something more than a day, it can be the end of the old you the end of the things you don’t like about yourself or your situation. It becomes the start of the new you.

In his book ”When the Science of Timing” the author Steven Pink, differentiates two types, social landmarks and personal landmarks.

The social landmarks were those that everyone shared: Mondays, the beginning of a new month, national holidays.

The personal ones were unique to the individual: birthdays, anniversaries, job changes.

These landmarks are really interesting because they can be used as the stepping stone we can get the motivation to change, and with it can come a change in mindset that sets us towards the path we wish for.

The second purpose of these time markers is to get us out of our small boxes. We might not notice it, but as time goes on we many times forget about the big picture, we only focus on the day to day and this can make us forget about our objectives and this landmarks can shake us out of our little mental box and give us a glimpse at what is around us

In the same way as geographycal landmarks give us a chance to know where we are and which path we need to take to get to our destination, these ”time landmarks” can awaken us from the monotony of routine so that we can focus on our goal.

Identifying your own personally meaningful days can help you regain the sense of direction that you might have been lacking.

hardly foolproof. Research shows that a month into a new year only 64

percent of resolutions continue to be pursued.26 Constructing our own

temporal landmarks, especially those that are personally meaningful, gives

us many more opportunities to recover from rough beginnings and start


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