Business Model (VI)

Business Model (VI)

Once we know our customers and how to reach them the next step is to see what we need in order to make the whole project a reality. What we really need in order to get it going.

Key Resources

Which key resources does our value proposition require?

Let’s take the example of building an app, which might be the things that you need in order to build it and create the company?

  • Intelectual: Know-how in order to be able to create the app. Know-ow in order to be able to understand the different factors that affect the value you want to produce.
    • Protection of the software solution, people who know how to protect this kind of product from hacking as well as people who can help protect it from the standpoint of intellectual property.
  • Human: Connections in order to be able to access partners. The people who can code it.
    • The people who have the know-how for the process, for example, graduates in nutrition if you want to build an app for that sector.
  • Financial: How much capital do you need to get it going? Do you have to hire software engineers? Do you need a sales team in order to create deals? Do you have someone who can take care of the financials?
  • Network: You need people related to the industry. You need people related to each of the industries you want to approach in order to be able to better understand their needs.
    • To be able to better supply what they want and at the same time a way to be able to have trust from them.

Apart from the key resources, you need to understand the key activities that you have to carry out in order to provide the value you want to give.

Key activities

  • Produce the app and website in order to be able to give the service you want
  • Get the back-edn working to be able to optimized
  • Find ways to get people who are interested in the service
  • Find ways to create partnerships with institutions or companies that might help you, see how to integrate into their growth

Depending on what you want to achieve the key activities that you need in order to produce value will change.

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