Business Model (I)

Business Model (I)

Understanding the Channels

A simple way of understanding channels is to think of them as the way in which we can reach our customers. So as always the approach will be to see how we can reach our customers while generating the smallest amount of resistance possible.

The Function of a Chanel

Channels serve several functions, including:

Raising awareness among customers about a company’s products and services

• Helping customers evaluate a company’s Value Proposition

• To allow customers to purchase specific products and services

• To Deliver a Value Proposition to customers

• Providing post-purchase customer support

As you can see channels are mainly a way to reach customers but depending on how we use them they can also be a way to provide value.

Because the channels we use don’t finish when we provide our customers with the service, but also after they get it. Customer service is one of the most important things and one that often goes unnoticed.

Something that Oscar Valledor, CEO of Project Lobster told me is that the sale doesn’t end until the customer comes again.

This shows a strong focus on customer service and the importance that it has for your start up. Because the number of customers that might be willing to bet on you is limited and you have to treasure them.

Thinking of the 80/20 is important but I believe that this should come in other aspects and we should be really sure about it before doing it for customer experience and customer support.

Once we know why channels are important, the next step is to know which ones to use

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