The Three Layers of Trust

The Three Layers of Trust

How so many of us are losing our most important asset

Trust starts with us as children and it evolves as we grow

This year I learned of one of the reasons why trust is so important.

As a child you don’t think about trust. You are gullible to a fault. You believe almost anything they tell you, because, heck, why would they lie. But as you start growing notice that sometimes there are lies.

White lies to protect, hard lies to hurt you start seeing both.

At that point you still maintain your innocence, this only happens with petty things or when someone is angry after an argument, things that happen only at certain points.

While thinking like this I always wondered about why they told us that trust was so important in business, I mean, who would lie when making a deal, or when speaking of their skills, here if they lie it’s not only a minor problem.

Through the world of entrepreneurship and business you start understanding why trust is maybe the most important asset of a company, and of yourself as an individual.

As you get deeper and deeper into this fields you start seeing that the old definition of marketing implied a huge amount of bullshit. How many times have entrepreneurs sold things they didn’t have as if they had them?

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I am not speaking about selling a vision, a vision is something you believe you can accomplish and it is through visions that we drive progress.

But as you get into it more and more you start seeing that whatever they tell you, you have to tone it down a few notches because they just take the best interpretation possible of what happens and present it to you.

As you see this repeat itself more and more you start thinking that maybe you should do the same, that maybe you should follow their example and embellish your words, but I believe that this is a trap. A short term honey trap a trap that actually destroys you because as you go deeper and deeper you start believing your own bullshit.

A trap, because with it you are losing your most important asset, trust. The most important asset in our day and age, the one that gives you permission to ask for the attention of your customers. The asset that shows that people can believe in you and invest in you.

The understanding of trust comes in three layers. The first layer is blind trust, the same one you have as gullible child. The second layer is the understanding of the importance of embellishment and bullshit. The last layer is to understand that you can’t use embellishment, you need to build trust, because that is the path.

Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

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