The importance of objectives

The importance of objectives

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Many times they told us how important it is to have an objective but I never really understood the reason behind it. Sure, having an objective sounds like a good idea. I mean, at least it tells you where you have to go.

But actually, I was underestimating it. Objectives are way more important than that. Objectives are directly related to fulfillment.

Because having an objective means that you have a goal, and a goal means that you know what is the path you have to follow.

As you work towards that goal you will see how you progress each day, how your efforts get you closer to it. How each day is not wasted aimlessly. The goal will be your compass, it will keep you from straying from your path.

What we are lacking aren’t the will and desire to move forward, but rather the goal. A goal that you have decided on, and towards which you are moving one step at a time.

For me this realization, albeit obvious at first, meant that I could spend two of the most fulfilling weeks of my life by setting up a goal, working day by day towards and seeing how I was improving. On the last day, I used my all and awaited the results. This time, it was a victory against myself.

Yet in the end, whether you succeed or is not the point. If you see how you can grow, day by day, you will feel more fulfilled. No matter what you will have something to show for that effort.The growth from struggling and improving each day.

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