Overcoming Stage Fright

Overcoming Stage Fright

Many of us think that presenting is a skill you are born with, or at least I thought so at first. But during this year I understood that actually its just a result of a lot, a lot of hard work and a few changes in mentality.

1) Prepare Thoroughly

So the first tip is that while obvious unless you work hard and prepare before you present you will have a hard time giving a good presentation.

At first, I was really stressed whenever I had to present, I still get stressed but now it doesn’t freeze me up, and this made me procrastinate. I knew I was bad and so I didn’t want to practice, it was hard, and I always had excuses.

This, in turn, meant that whenever the day of the presentation came I was stuck practicing until two in the morining and going without getting a wink of sleep, yet I still complained whenever my presentations sucked, one because I didn’t practice and two because I didn’t sleep.

Always practice your presentations.

2) Rehearse your body language

While many people give importance to rehearsing what you have to say, I think that it is equally if not even more important that you transmit with your body.

The correct body language can change you from someone who seems lost to someone who looks like they are ready to eat the world. When you have it controlled you will see that as you get used to the more confident and open body language you also start getting more relaxed during presentations, until you get to the point where you start enjoying them.

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3) Prepare until you are able to present even while you are taking a shower.

The first question that comes to mind after reading the previous tip is:

But how much do I have to preapre?

At first, I struggled quite a bit with this. But as I gained more experience I saw that once you are able to do your whole presentation going from start to end and also when starting at random points, you can be pretty sure that you will be able to do the presentation well enough.

This is because you have memorized it to the point where you can do other things while saying what you have to, and as such even if you are panicking your brain will kick in and save the day.

4) Practice in different places

One of the advantages of our brain is that it usually tries to associate what you learn to your environment. Imagine if we’re one of our ancestors and you found food but were unable to associate it with a place, you would have a hard time surviving.

But the problem is that this is actually a problem when you have to give a pitch because usually you don’t get to practice where you have to give the presetnation and it could leave you stuck.

So whenever you can try rehearsing in different places and if you can rehearse while walking in a place you aren’t familiar with, that will enhance the effect because you will have to know it by heart if you want to say everything while traversing a place you don’t know.

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5) Create a ritual

Try to create a ritual where you do the same actions every time before a presentation. This will help you relax and depending on how you do it, it will help you get into the right mindset to go for the presentation and enjoy it.

Whenever I have to present I listen to the same song, a song that relaxes me yet at the same time gives you energy and meditate while listening to it, I try to understand the feelings in my body and control my mind by noticing them and trying to change the anxiety into excitement.

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PS: The album I use is ‘’There is a Tomorrow you don’t know’’ by Paint the Sky Red.

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