Mental models (IV)

Mental models (IV)

Why do we fail to update them?

Distance. One of the biggest problems we can have is distance because mental models are never perfect.

As we said, mental models are ways in which we try to understand the world and are based on our experiences and knowledge which means that mental models are never a real representation of the world.

This means that they can be wrong and as such we have to continue testing and updating them if needed and this is where distance is so important. To test a model you have to be able to see the results of your decisions.

Because you might think that your idea is right and of course, within you, it will be so long as you don’t see the result. If we don’t deal with it, the opinion we create can grow further away from reality as time goes on until it reaches a point completely divorced from reality.

In order to avoid this, we should always try to come up with small tests that can prove or disprove our hypothesis, tests that can show in a clear way whether we are right and we should perform them ourselves.

“A man who has committed a mistake and doesn’tcorrect it, is committing another mistake.”. Confucius

Remove distance because only then will you be able to see if you are actually just deluding yourself.

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